Water Damage? Act Now.Water Damage Restoration Certification

When it comes to repairing water damage, every moment counts. When addressed quickly, most damage can be reversed quickly and effectively. 

Left untended, however, water damage grows swiftly worse. As materials are soaked through, they may be damaged beyond repairing or salvaging. Parts of a water-damaged home may need to be rebuilt. Standing water may breed bacteria and moisture can grow mold, posing risks to health. In some materials, like drywall and carpet,  fungal or bacterial growth may preclude the option of repair.  Without a prompt response, a clean water loss can evolve into a more complicated problem that will require lengthier, more complex responses.

Such additional complications can result in an increase of thousands of dollars in losses, the result of further damage to property and inventory, or even living expenses while restoration operations are underway at the site. In other words, as both studies and experience have shown, a delay in response time can dramatically affect the severity of what’s lost and the cost of repairs.

Don’t Take Chances: Choose Certified Water Damage Services

The initial water removal or extraction is especially important. Any water left behind or root problems left unfixed can lead to damage further down the road, which can have results just as bad as a delayed response.

Accordingly, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) stresses the importance of a swift and effective response to all instances of water damage. It’s important that the right tools and the right methods be used to ensure repairs are thoroughly executed. This means contracting the services of capable, certified specialists, who have extensive experience in every stage involved in cleaning up water damage, from emergency services to continued support.

iDry Columbus – Certified Water Damage 

iDry Columbus is the industry leader in property emergency services, helping families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water damage and other untoward events. We have a long history of community involvement in disaster response and repair, including partnerships with the Red Cross and various local first responders.

iDry Columbus has decades of experience in repairing homes and businesses that have been afflicted with water damage. No one understands more than we do how important it is that your property is restored to full working order.

Through a combination of real-time solutions for communication and client relationship management, and our use of sustainable practices in every restoration project, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of handling water damage emergencies. With the right practices, we can reduce the cost of water damage by over 80%.

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Water Damage Explained

Water damage covers a wide range of damage to or losses of property brought about by the intrusion of water. This includes a variety of destructive processes, such as the rotting of wood, rusting of metals, damage to electronics, and the dissolving of various materials, such as paper. It can also involve the growth of fungi and bacteria.

The damage may occur quickly or instantaneously when large quantities of water suddenly burst into a part of your property. It could also happen slowly over time; this sort of water damage can be difficult to spot and may not appear to be worth responding to at first. However, as mentioned earlier, even minor incidents should be treated with caution.

Common Scenarios

Since some water damage can be difficult to spot—or easy to underestimate—it’s important to understand its common causes. The faster you can confirm both the damage and its cause, the sooner restoration can begin. Staying informed and aware can save you from lots of trouble later on.

Here are some common types of water damage:

  • Leaking roofs, especially after storms
  • Broken or leaking pipes (e.g. toilet, garbage disposal, etc.)
  • Condensation from air conditioners
  • Leaking appliances  (e.g. water heaters, laundry equipment, etc.)
  • Overflows from toilets, bathtubs, sinks
  • Sewage backups

Pay close attention to these areas and appliances and look out for any signs of water damage. If the problems recur even after do-it-yourself repairs, don’t delay in contacting professional repair services.

A Note on Flooding

Technically or legally speaking, water damage may not cover all forms of damage inflicted by water. Flood damage, in particular, may be considered a separate incident for the purposes of financial or insurance claims.

Flooding generally refers to events in which large volumes of water build up around a building, exceeding its ability to keep the water out. When the accumulated water damages the building, including its interiors, it is considered flood damage, rather than simply water damage.

The difference between the two lies mainly in who is held responsible financially, legally, or in both regards. Some insurance clauses require that building owners take certain preventive measures in order to qualify for claims against flood damage; without those measures, insurers may not cover it. Whatever the case, it’s important to know that different conditions may exist for instances of flooding.

The Repair Process

Recovering from water damage can be an involved, complex affair. The initial water removal or extraction processes alone require meticulous work. Depending on the nature of the water damage, decontamination may be involved as well. After all of that, the premises need to be properly dried. Over the course of the work, you might also have to repair or dispose of certain materials as well.

Because of the various processes involved and their specific requirements, water damage restoration is generally not a project homeowners or business management should tackle on their own. Nor will just any repair service do—it’s important to choose properly certified service providers if the job is to be done right. 

Quality Standards and Certification

The IICRC provides certifications to attest to the capability of certain technicians to handle specific kinds of cleaning and restoration work. The IICRC Master Water Restorer certification covers a number of certifications in specific skills associated with water damage restoration. These include:

  • Carpet Cleaning Tech or Commercial carpet
  • Repair & Reinstallation Tech
  • Water Damage Restoration Tech
  • Applied Microbial Remediation Tech
  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Health & Safety Tech (HST) OR HST-Equivalent

Enlisting the services of an IICRC Master Certified company ensures that your property’s repairs and restoration will be carried out effectively and efficiently. You can rest assured that all moisture and contaminants will be removed and that repairs, replacements, and disposals will be assessed and executed properly.

An IICRC Master Certified firm might charge more, but keep in mind that you’re paying for quality services and peace of mind—no need to worry about unsolved problems or recurring damage later down the line. So be sure to ask about Master Certification when looking for these services.

Environmental Safety

Ammonia and bleach are frequently used in cleaning up the remnants of water damage, but these are often ineffective, as well as harmful to the environment and to people. Unfortunately, such chemicals are commonly in use among water restorers and DIY solutions for water damage repair.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of sustainable alternatives that are available to water damage restoration services, to the point that there is no good reason to choose the corner-cutting ammonia and bleach options.

While not all IICRC Master Certified firms may use environmentally safe methods, there are a lot that do, and they’ll often advertise their practices. In choosing a water restorer, look for those that promote the use of low-amp drying equipment, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and advanced equipment that can seek out hidden moisture.

Our Proven Methods

iDry Columbus is proud to be IICRC Master Certified, with decades of experience dealing with water restoration and repair. We also utilize environmentally sound equipment and innovative procedures that can save furniture, documents, electronics, and other sensitive content, while preventing the genesis and spread of mold, mildew, and other harmful organic growths.

When you enlist our water damage repair services, you get the following benefits:

24/7 Emergency Services

With iDry Columbus, you’ll have all-day access to a live agent who can connect you to the services you need. No more waiting in line at an operator who may be rather far removed from your situation!

Full Analysis of Water Damage

Our services includes both invasive and non-invasive analysis of the damage to your site, along with state-of-the-art thermal scans and humidity analysis.

Salvage assessment

We can determine which materials and items are available for salvaging at your site, and remove any non-salvageable objects. Aside from this, we also support on-site and off-site storage options for any items we recover from the site.

Water extraction 

Our solutions for removing water from your site can save huge amounts of money in flooring. From truck mounted water extraction units to portable machines, iDry Columbus has the capability to respond and provide restoration services for any size loss. 

Residential – Commercial – Industrial – Healthcare

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning 

We use environmentally-friendly products in the process of cleaning up your site, preventing any harmful products from appearing at your site, while ensuring an efficient cleanup operation that’ll have your site good as new.


To reduce contamination and drying time, we can enclose the site with barriers and limit access to authorized personnel only. During restoration, every step we take is vital to returning your property to pre-loss condition. To controlling the indoor environment to monitoring the moisture content of any affected building materials or personal property, our technicians are certified to respond, restore and get you back home or back in business. 

Efficient drying equipment use

We only use the most appropriate equipment for the job, reducing energy consumption and remaining sustainable and environmentally-friendly in all our operations. We’ll also observe our equipment through ambient moisture and relative humidity onsite, and remove our equipment as soon as we’re done.

Emergency Water Damage Services

24/7 Live Dispatch Emergency Water Damage Services.

IICRC Master Certified. Guaranteed Satisfaction.