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Worried about the cost of hoarding cleanup? We get it. That’s why we’re breaking down everything you need to know about pricing.

Prices typically start at $3,000โ€“$5,000 for less severe hoarding situations and can reach $20,000+ for complex cases.

Get clear answers and understand what factors affect the cost of professional hoarding cleanup services.

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The Factors Affecting Hoarding Clean up Costs

Understanding the variables for accurate quotes

Not every hoarding cleanup project is priced the same. Here’s what makes each situation unique and how those details impact the final cost of your cleanup.

  • Size & Severity of Hoarding: The amount of clutter and how densely it fills the space directly impact labor hours and disposal needs. Light hoarding situations limited to a few rooms require less time than cases where most areas are inaccessible. Our teams also work to carefully determine what is salvageable, what can be donated, and what needs to be safely disposed of.

  • Accessibility: Factors like stairs, narrow hallways, or limited parking add logistical challenges. In some cases, special equipment may be needed, increasing the labor and equipment costs.

  • Biohazards: Bodily fluids, animal waste, mold, or even invisible viral contaminants significantly change the scope of work. Specialized biohazard decontamination requires specific gear, chemicals, and disposal procedures, all factored into pricing.

  • Restoration Needs: Unfortunately, long-term hoarding can damage the space itself. Urine-soaked floors, pest infestations, or broken items due to excessive hoarding might require repair or replacement services beyond the cleanup.

  • Time Needed: Larger, more complex cases naturally take longer. The more severe the situation, the more hours our cleaning team invests, which may require a larger cleanup crew to complete the work on time.

What to Expect: The Hoarding Cleanup Quote Process

What Impacts Your Quote: The Factors Matter

Getting a detailed and transparent quote is the first step towards reclaiming your space. To create the most accurate estimate possible, here are some of the key things we’ll assess during our on-site visit:

Questions About the Hoarding Situation

  • Scope:ย Which rooms or areas of your home are most impacted?
  • Accessibility:ย Are there obstacles like blocked pathways or narrow hallways that impact ease of movement?
  • Item Density:ย How densely is clutter packed (floor to ceiling,ย loose piles,ย etc.)?
  • Hazardous Materials:ย Are you aware of any potential biohazards (bodily fluids,ย animal waste,ย mold,ย etc.)?

Property-Specific Questions

  • Location & Parking:ย Are there any parking restrictions that might impact loading our trucks?
  • Building Type:ย What type of property is this (house,ย apartment,ย etc.),ย and are there accessibility factors to consider (multiple floors,ย elevators)?
  • Disposal Needs:ย Does your area have specific rules about disposal that we need to factor in?


Understanding Your Quote:

Navigating through cleanup costs shouldnโ€™t add to your stress. We aim for transparency and clarity from the start, ensuring you’re well-informed about how we determine our quotes. After our initial free assessment, you’ll receive a detailed quote, at no charge, outlining everythingโ€”this way, youโ€™re fully aware and there are no hidden surprises.

Can I Afford Hoarding Cleanup?

When Cost is a Concern: Payment Options & Resources

We understand cost is a worry on top of everything else. Let’s explore solutions together to make getting help attainable.


ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย *Please note that aid availability depends on your location and individual circumstances.

  • The Cost of Inaction: Hoarding situations can pose serious health risks like mold exposure, tripping hazards, and fire dangers. Untreated, the damage to your home (pesticides, odors, structural problems) can become costly down the line. Investing in professional cleanup now is often a wise long-term choice.

Our Compassionate Approach to Hoarding Cleanup

Beyond Cleaning: Understanding & Support

We know hoarding disorder is about more than clutter. Get details on our discreet services, specifically designed to ease the emotional weight of the process.

  • Your Privacy Matters: Our focus is on safety and solutions, not judgment.ย 

  • Collaborative Clean-Up: We work with you, at your comfort level. You set the pace, and we provide guidance and support through each step.

  • A Judgement-Free Zone: Learn more about the root causes of hoarding disorder and find a path to recovery that’s right for you. For additional support, consider exploring counseling services like Directions Counseling & Coaching:

  • *Note: We are not affiliated with this therapy provider,ย it’s offered as a resource

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