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A Race Against Time: How Fast House Water Damage Escalates

A Race Against Time: How Fast House Water Damage Escalates

Your home is more than justย the most expensive thingย you’ll probably buy in your entire life. It’s a place where you’re supposed to be able to raise a family or just host parties for your friends. It’s where the people in your life go to connect with each other, and where they can be sheltered from the elements.

That’s why house water damage can be so devastating. Just a little water pool can result in mold or erode the wood used to build your home. It can even jeopardize your foundation’s stability, all in a matter of days.

The only way to protect your home is to be aware of whereย water damageย may be. Then, you need to ensure you fix the problem as quickly as possible before it creates more problems. If you don’t do that, you risk turning your home into ruin within a matter of days.

Keep reading below to learn how quickly water can ruin your home, and what should do to stop it!

House Water Damage Canโ€™t Always Be Seen

Spilling a gallon ofย water probably wonโ€™t damageย your home or have any significant consequences โ€“ as long as itโ€™s cleaned up. And cleaning up spilled water is easy to see;ย not all kinds of waterย can be seen. Sometimes you may have a leak in your roof or water may seep under your floorboards.

When that happens, you can only see theย water after the damage has been done. Once you see a watermark on a roof or feel something wet while walking around, you can expect a lot of work repairing it.

Yet, no matter the cost, it’s always worth repairing. Otherwise, more problems will develop.

Noticeable Damage Happens In Just Hours

After a leak springs in your roof or your washing machine breaks down, it only takes a few hours to notice something wrong. Due to the humidity associated withย water damage, your homeโ€™s natural smells will intensify. If the source of the water damage is near your furniture, you may start to notice colors start to fade.

Your furniture, as well as any kind of fabric, will start to absorb noticeable amounts of water. It will swell and balloon a bit, which will help you find the source of the leak if it’s nearby. This stage always lays the foundation for future problems.

Damage Only Gets Worse As Time Goes On

After a few days, your home will start to take a harder hit from water damage. You may start seeing mold develop if you donโ€™t smell it first. Any hardwood you may have will start to warp, and the paint will peel.

Yet, after a few weeks of water damage, you may not even be able to enter your home.ย Mold can spread to its fundamental structures and threaten the houseโ€™s integrity. It may be noxious to breathe in it, and it can pose a significant health hazard.

Fix House Water Damage As Soon As You See It

The only way to avoid problems like mold, which can ruin your home, is to fix house water damage as soon as you see it. You wouldn’t leave a glass of spilled water in a puddle โ€“ why would you do that with other kinds of water? Just because it’s behind a wall or under some furniture doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be fixed.

Yet, you can’t just grab a roll of paper towels and dab up carpet water damage. You need professionals with the equipment to deal with it, and for that, we’re here.ย Contact us, and we’ll fix anyย water damage in your house, so it can start being home again.

Water Damage? Your Local Water Damage Restoration Contractor

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Sick Building Syndrome and Mold

The rise in indoor environmental health issues emerged due to new building codes in the 1970s that called for reduced energy and greater insulating factors when building built homes and businesses. As the structures became more airtight, it became more and more difficult for indoor air to exchange with outdoor air, and this increase the amount of overall indoor contaminants.

Suddenly, โ€œSick Building Syndromeโ€ became a thing and those with mold allergies suffered reactions every time they would enter.

How do you feel at home? Do you feel good? Can you breathe freely? No headaches?

Headache? Itchy eyes? Running Nose? No, it’s not likely to be just a case of the Monday morning blues. They’re one of the many symptoms that signal Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, contaminated HVAC supply lines, hidden leaks, untreated water damage, moldy ceiling panels and mold behind wallpaper, etc. are all common causes.

Sick Building Syndrome is hard to diagnose sometimes. You may need to call a qualified mold removal company such as ours. We hold the Advanced Microbial Certification (AMRT) from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and have years of experience in remediation projects in hospitals, retirement facilities, and residential properties. We’ll provide the tools and implement the practices for a successful remediation. You can be sure of that.

Minor Mold Problems and Mold Removal

Most homes and businesses in Columbus, and in the wider state of Ohio, will have a mold problem at some point or other. Most of the time the mold is harmless โ€” if tackled soon enough.

Some good news. With a little education and precaution, you can solve minor mold problems yourself and not have to call a mold removal company.

Depending on the materials affected and the size of the area, you can find many publications that will guide you through a successful cleaning process. Like anything you read on the internet, research it again.

You can visit the EPA or check out theย New York City Guidelines in mold remediation. Of course, we’re also happy to help and arrange a no-obligation onsite inspection.

Stay Safe and Hire a Certified Mold Removal Company

For peace of mind, you should hire a certifiedย mold removal and mold remediationย company, such as ourselves.

The fact that the media have sensationalized blackย mold has triggered an entire industry in mold removal. Unfortunately, the ethics of this new industry are also questionable. The mantra is โ€œMold is Gold,โ€ and this has led to some rather unscrupulous practices.

Today, anyone who owns a shop vac and household chlorine bleach is advertising themselves as a qualified mold removal company. This practice is leaving desperate property owners with homes and businesses that are in worse condition than they were before.

Some owners have even abandoned their property altogether after an unsuccessful removal job. Even worse than this, they must disclose the attempted mold removal. They often have major trouble finding a buyer for the property unless they offer large discounts.

Pro-tip: If you suspect you have a mold problem of any kind in your home or business, you should contact an experienced mold removal company in the region (water damage restoration companies, such as ourselves, often provide this service). Insist on seeing certifications, past projects, and positive online reviews from successful remediation projects.

Water damageย and mold problems go hand in hand. If you don’t address moisture-related issues, they’ll lead to the discovery of microbial growth later. You can be certain of that.

Additional Resources for Further Information

To help you further understand and manage water damage risks, we’ve compiled a list of valuable external resources. These websites provide comprehensive information on homeowners insurance and water damage prevention, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to protect your property.

Recommended Resource Links:

  1. FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP): https://www.floodsmart.gov/ Learn about the importance of flood insurance, the coverage it provides, and how to protect your home from flood damage.

  2. Insurance Information Institute (III) – Water Damage and Insurance: https://www.iii.org/article/water-damage-insurance Explore the various aspects of water damage insurance, including coverage limitations, claim procedures, and preventive measures.

  3. EPA’s Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home: https://www.epa.gov/mold/mold-and-moisture-your-home Understand the dangers of mold and moisture in your home and how to prevent them, keeping your living space safe and healthy.

  4. American Red Cross – Flood Safety: https://www.redcross.org/get-help/how-to-prepare-for-emergencies/types-of-emergencies/flood.html Get valuable tips and resources on preparing for floods and safeguarding your home and family from potential water damage.

  5. DisasterSafety.org – Protect Your Property from Water Damage: https://disastersafety.org/ibhs/protect-your-property-from-water-damage/ Discover effective techniques and strategies to minimize the risk of water damage to your property, including appliance maintenance and home improvement tips.

By exploring these resources, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to effectively minimize water damage risks and navigate the complexities of homeowners insurance.

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