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A sewage backup is a menacing intruder in any New Albany home or business, posing serious health risks and potentially causing extensive property damage. Immediate action is imperative to mitigate these threats. At iDry Columbus, we offer 24/7 sewage backup cleanup services, ensuring a swift and thorough resolution.

  • Health Hazards: Sewage backups can cause severe health issues due to harmful bacteria and pathogens.
  • Property Damage: Unaddressed sewage issues can lead to significant structural damage.
  • Expert Cleanup: Our seasoned team is ready to tackle any sewage cleanup challenge efficiently.


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How Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup Protects Your Home or Business

Sewage backups can occur from clogged lines, damaged plumbing, or heavy rain. Prompt action and professional cleanup are essential. Here’s why:

  • Health Hazards: Sewage carries harmful bacteria and viruses. Timely cleanup reduces health risks like E. coli and hepatitis infections.
  • Property Preservation: It can cause structural damage, leading to wood rot, mold, and foundation problems. Professional cleanup prevents these issues, saving on repair costs.
  • Odor Control: Expert cleanup removes unpleasant odors, ensuring a comfortable living or working environment.
  • Legal Compliance: Proper cleanup adheres to local health and safety regulations, shielding you from legal complications.

The Sewage Backup Cleanup Process

Our cleanup process ensures a thorough cleaning, disinfection, and restoration of your property through several steps:

  • Assessment: We evaluate the damage to determine the best cleanup strategy.
  • Water Extraction: With specialized equipment, we swiftly eliminate sewage water. Discover more about our flooded basement cleanup services in New Albany.
  • Decontamination: Post-extraction, we clean and disinfect the affected areas to eliminate harmful contaminants
  • Drying and Dehumidification: High-powered tools are employed to dry the area and curb mold growth.
  • Restoration: We repair or replace damaged materials, restoring your property to its original state.


Handling a sewage backup on your New Albany, Ohio, property can be overwhelming and risky. Quick action and professional assistance from iDry Columbus are crucial.

Our expert services ensure your property is cleaned, disinfected, and restored, minimizing health and property damage risks.

For any inquiries or assistance with sewage backup cleanup, contact us. Our team is ready to support you through this challenging situation, ensuring the protection of your property and well-being.

The Importance of Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup

Sewage backups pose significant health hazards, as they often contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Exposure to sewage-contaminated water can lead to illnesses such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis, and skin infections.

Professional sewage backup cleanup is essential for the following reasons:

  • Health and Safety: Professionals have the necessary protective equipment and knowledge to handle sewage backups safely, minimizing the risk of illness and injury.
  • Proper Cleanup and Disinfection: Professionals use advanced equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure the thorough removal of sewage and contaminants, followed by effective disinfection of affected areas.
  • Structural Drying and Dehumidification: Professional cleanup services use heavy-duty drying and dehumidification tools to stop structural damage and address mold problems.

  • Learn more about our comprehensive mold remediation solutions in New Albany to keep your environment safe and clean.

  • Damage Assessment and Restoration: Expert sewage backup cleanup providers assess the extent of the damage, identify necessary repairs, and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.
  • Insurance Assistance: Professionals can help you navigate the insurance claim process, providing documentation and guidance throughout the process.

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Why Choose iDry Columbus for Sewage Backup Cleanup

iDry Columbus stands out as the best choice for sewage backup cleanup in and around Columbus, Ohio, for several reasons:

  • Experience and Expertise: Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in handling sewage backup cleanup and restoration, ensuring the highest quality service for your property.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques to ensure thorough and efficient cleanup, disinfection, and restoration.
  • Fast Response: Our 24/7 emergency response service ensures that we can quickly address your sewage backup situation, minimizing damage and preventing further issues.
  • Comprehensive Services: In addition to sewage backup cleanup, we offer a full range of water damage restoration services, including mold remediation, structural drying, and more.
  • Excellent Customer Service: At iDry Columbus, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team is dedicated to providing prompt, reliable, and professional services while keeping you informed throughout the process.


With our expert restoration services in New Albany, you can rest assured that your property will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and restored to its original condition, minimizing health risks and property damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are involved in cleaning up after a sewer overflow?

The process entails damage assessment, water extraction, decontamination, drying and dehumidification, and finally restoration to bring your property back to its original state.

How soon should I contact a professional for wastewater cleanup?

It’s imperative to act immediately. Quick professional intervention can significantly minimize health risks and structural damage to your property.

Are there health risks associated with sewer water exposure?

Yes, sewer water can contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that pose serious health risks such as E. coli and hepatitis infections.

What can I do to prevent future sewer backups?

Regular maintenance of your plumbing system, installing a backwater valve, and avoiding disposing of grease or other potential clogs down the drain can help prevent sewer backups.


Will my insurance cover the costs of sewer spill restoration?

Coverage may vary, so it’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your policy regarding sewer spill restoration costs.

Additional Resources for Sewage Backup Information

Browse these valuable resources to gain insights into water extraction techniques, equipment, and best practices in New Albany, Ohio.ย 

  1. FEMA: https://www.fema.gov/ – The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides resources and guidance for dealing with water damage and flooding disasters.
  2. American Red Cross: https://www.redcross.org/ – The American Red Cross provides disaster preparedness resources, including tips for handling water damage and flooding situations.
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