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– An Industry Redesigned.

Home and business owners today are faced with so many choices in water damage repair. With franchise companies taking the position of preferred vendors relationships therefore working for the insurance carrier in hopes of future property damage claims and local plumbers purchasing drying equipment looking to turn a quick profit from the unfortunate circumstances that brought about the need for water damage repair and your property damage claim.

While there are some very knowledge people remaining in the industry and a handful of franchise owners doing their best given the policies and the carrier relationships of the franchise, a large part of the restoration industry has turned their backs on the client and the individual needs of their property damage claim. Industry TPA’s, third party administrators open a gateway for carriers to avoid collusion by placing the review process with a third party.

These TPA reviews only stand to hurt you, the client, as the restoration company continues to scale back on customer service in effort to continue making a profit as a result of the continual rate and service cutbacks, they must agree to in order to continue being a “preferred vendor”.

Bucking the Industry Trend in Water Damage Repair.

Many of our team members and associates have been in the industry for decades and have first hand experience in both franchise operations and carrier “preferred programs”. In developing iDry Columbus, our belief was that someone needed to roll back the clock and turn back to the client as the primary focus in restoration. We taken that approach a step further in putting together transparent and honest communication, attention to detail and a steadfast belief that the health and safety of our client and their families or employees must always be a priority in property damage claims.

We understand that you have a choice in selecting a restoration company, it’s a law that the carrier allows you to make the selection freely and without recourse. Many may suggest a “preferred vendor” or program and only skirt violation of the law by recommending more than one vendor or placing the decision of preferred vendor selection on the TPA.

Pro-tip: You should be aware of your rights in property damage claims. In any dispute or disagreement, you can contact the Ohio State Department of Insurance and file a complaint as well as the right to hire an independent or public adjuster who can lawfully negotiate with your carrier to obtain your rightful property damage settlement.

Insurance, its Role in Water Damage Repair

The water has been cleanup up, a flooded basement now dry, a supply line break now repaired. What of the actual repairs that come next?

If you’ve filed an insurance claim for your property damages, it’s very important to remember that you are REQUIRED to mitigate your damages and start water damage cleanup services right away. However, any structural repairs must be reviewed by your carrier and the assigned adjuster prior to making or starting the water damage repair.

By law, a repair contractor cannot interpret your insurance policy, either in advice or consul, including making any decision in applicable coverage. The contractor cannot act on your behalf in negotiating your property damage claim with the carrier, cannot argue or interpret what is “bad faith”. The primary responsibility of the contractor is to provide an accurate scope of work, include an estimate of costs and be lawfully licensed and insured in their representation. Any water damage repair contractor acting outside of these terms is likely to be in violation of the UPPA laws and should be reported to the Ohio Department of Insurance.

The Downside to the UPPA Law  

In filing a property damage claim, you are not likely to be an expert in water damage restoration, water damage repairs, construction methods, building code or insurance claims and adjusting. For you, an ethical experienced contractor can be one of the best advocates in your corner. A good restoration contractor will know the water damage restoration industry, construction and the up to date building code; and will have worked thousands of insurance claims over the years. However, according to the UPPA law, the contractor is not allowed to become an advocate in your best interest.

What Can the Restoration Contractor Do…?

Thankfully, the law doesn’t handcuff us completely in our ability to help where we can. An ethical and responsible water damage repair contractor can utilize his experience and knowledge in providing an accurate scope of repair, including carefully defined notations on line items where there may be an additional question or concern. We can offer historical advice from our own experience and provide you with any documentation that you may need in successfully resolving your claim.

Ultimately, if all else fails and you find yourself in a position of no agreement with your carrier, you have the right to seek the advice and consul of a licensed public adjuster in Ohio. A public adjuster, legally licensed to adjust claims in the State of Ohio can and will be your advocate in support of your insurance claim.

You can find a licensed public adjuster here. Protect yourself and ask for credentials, and experience. Seek referrals and ask questions before signing any agreements.

Words of Advice. Years of Experience.

Be leery of plumbers turned restoration vendors and carefully review any paperwork that you are being asked to acknowledge and sign. We’ve seen firsthand the demand letters sent to the home and business owners after the plumbing company has sent an exorbitant invoice to the carrier and received a denial. The letters make full demand of you, the policy holder and client pay any and all costs that your carrier has denied due to inflated pricing and unnecessary equipment usage.

In conversation, the opening statement is always that they will take care of the water damage repair and send the final invoice to the carrier as well as negotiate on your behalf; just sign here.

Pro-Tip: Verbal statements do not stand up in court over signed agreements. Make sure what you are told is in writing before you sign an agreement.

It’s an unethical practice and unfortunately one that they continue to get away with.

Our Service. In Service for You.

At iDry Columbus, we have never and will never invoice a client directly for any line item or charge found to be outside of the normal scope of water damage repair. For instance, often we elect to setup HEPA filtered air filters to protect the indoor environment of your home or business knowing that most insurance policies exclude these items based on their association and common use in mold remediation, we have never once charged back a client for items such as this and never will.

If you find yourself in need of a water damage repair company that’s redesigning the restoration industry in our client’s favor, we would appreciate any opportunity to be of service and will always perform in a manner that we would expect for our own family, home or business.

With service available around the clock and throughout Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities, we recognize that the need for a water damage repair company doesn’t always occur during normal business hours, because of this, we haven’t had normal business hours in more then 20 years.

Its Restoration Redefined. Guaranteed.

Renewed Standards in Restoration

With the understanding that our company alone may never change the entire restoration industry.

Many of our team members and associates have decades of experience in damage cleanup and each have made a pact that in the development of iDry Columbus, that a renewed standard would be created and used as the approach on every claim; even if that standard would only apply to the damage cleanup or property claims that we were involved in.

In making the decision to not enroll in or join “preferred vendor” relationships where the relationship becomes a carrier/vendor one instead of client/vendor due to rate discounts and the reliance on the possibility of future property damage claims; we’ve taken back the control and returned it to the client, where it should have always been.

Utilizing the latest in technology in drying equipment, low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, low amp draw air movers and HEPA filtered air cleaning equipment, we continually deliver successful results in the restoration of building and property damage.

Its Restoration Redefined. Guaranteed.

Property damage inspections have been and will always be free of charge estimating and at no obligation to our client.

We’ve chosen to include the use of thermal imaging and highly sensitive moisture detection equipment on every inspection; allowing us to offer detailed and complete information, estimates, and/or proper drying recommendations by identifying areas of concern that may have been overlooked without the use of these tools.

If you find yourself in need of a damage cleanup company that’s redesigning the restoration industry in our client’s favor, we would appreciate any opportunity to be of service and will always perform in a manner that we would expect for our own family, home or business.

With service available around the clock and throughout Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities, we recognize that the need for a damage repair company doesn’t always occur during normal business hours, because of this, we haven’t had normal business hours in more than 20 years.

Your Local Water Restoration Contractor

Master Certified and built from concept to performance. iDry Columbus – We are available 24 hours day in response to any emergency mold growth situation you find your home or business in.

Avoiding preferred relationships with insurance carriers and foregoing discounted rates and agreements in exchange for property damage claims allows us to service only our client. Every service we have the opportunity to provide is proudly backed and guaranteed for as long as you own your home or business.

Continually raising the bar in property damage restoration. Providing service for everything from damage cleanup, flooded basement, water extraction, sewage cleanup, building cleaning & disinfection and mold removal.

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Emergency flood water extraction, and mold removal services available around the clock and around the state.

We take great pride in the fact that our services are ranked and reviewed highly throughout Columbus and surrounding communities. We’ve built on our relationships with home and business owners, insurance carriers, adjusters, and agents throughout the state and across the Nation to ensure that your needs are met and every damage claim is prepared, serviced, and resolved quickly.

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