Mold Inspection and Testing:
Safeguarding Your Health and Property.

Mold growth is a common issue that can negatively impact indoor air quality, causing respiratory issues, allergic responses, and other health concerns. That is why it is critical to have a mold inspection and testing done on a regular basis in order to discover any possible concerns before they become a bigger problem.

We offer thorough mold inspection and testing services to property owners in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding communities. Our professionals are qualified to identify mold, assess the degree of the damage, and give you with a full report describing the procedures required to eliminate and prevent future mold development.

*Inspections include an on-site property assessment and, if needed, a “ballpark estimate” for repair. Written estimates are available upon request and may require a refundable deposit. 


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The Importance of Mold Inspection and Testing

In providing high-quality water damage services to Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding communities for more than 20 years, mold inspections have become a necessary part of our focus and an important piece in our goal of being the company you can depend on for any of your property damage needs, both for your home and your business.

Mold can grow in areas that are not visible to the naked eye, such as behind walls, under carpets, or in air conditioning ducts. This makes it difficult to identify and remove mold without a professional mold inspection. By conducting a mold inspection and testing, you can identify the source of the mold, the type of mold, and the extent of the damage. This information is critical in determining the best course of action to remove the mold and prevent future growth.

Many properties throughout Central Ohio have suffered from some form of mold, water damage, or moisture-related damage to the structure. Often these damages are only discovered during a home inspection, made during the process of selling the property.


Mold inspection and testing

Qualified home inspectors are careful and diligent in performing visual inspections of the property from attic to basement and most areas in between. Suspect mold and moisture issues will often result in a glaring warning on the final report and you should seek the services of a professional mold inspection company for follow-up. Free mold inspection services are available should you need them.

Much like the home inspector, the mold inspection company should be licensed, properly insured, IICRC certified, and experienced. Take caution as mold removal services have long been an area for unethical contractors to take advantage of unsuspecting home and business owners.


Mold Inspection and Testing Process

For Ohio homeowners and business owners, it is important to be aware that a mold testing or inspection license is not required by the State of Ohio. That means those looking for such services must take extra steps in verifying qualifications when considering prospective companies. If done incorrectly, costly remediation projects may end up being unsupported by insurance policies—a financial risk no one should have to bear alone! Protect yourself and put your trust only in professionals with proven track records who can guarantee quality service every time.

At iDry Columbus, our mold inspection and testing process involves the following steps:

Visual Inspection: Our team of experts will conduct a visual inspection of your property to identify any visible signs of mold growth.

Testing: We will take samples from the air and surfaces to determine the type and severity of the mold growth.

Analysis: The samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis to determine the type of mold and the severity of the damage.

Reporting: We will provide you with a detailed report outlining the findings of the inspection and testing, as well as our recommendations for the removal and prevention of future mold growth.

Professional mold inspection companies are typically highly reviewed online, obtain industry education, and IICRC certification, and have the experience needed to successfully perform the project at hand.

Pro-Tip: Even in the event of an insurance claim, you, as the policyholder are never required to use the carrier’s recommended or “preferred vendor”. Keep in mind that there is always a trade-off in becoming a preferred vendor and that trade-off will not likely be of benefit to you.


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The Benefits of Mold Inspection and Testing

Our mold inspection and testing services are often requested in follow-up to newly discovered water leaks or moisture found to be damaging the building materials and property. Mold, mildews, and fungus are often the result of prolonged and hidden moisture in building materials.

Often distinct in odor, mold produces a smell like a musty, damp basement and can often be found in those exact areas. Basements and crawl spaces often harbor high levels of moisture, suffer from foundation leaks, or have improper ventilation leading to these conditions.

The following are some of the advantages of mold inspection and testing:

Early Detection: By detecting mold early on, you can save further damage and costly repairs. Mold development may cause respiratory difficulties, allergic responses, and other health issues, so detecting and eradicating mold is vital for your family’s or workers’ health and well-being.

Prevention: By determining the source of the mold and the degree of the damage, you may take the required precautions to avoid future mold development.

Peace of Mind: Our experienced team will offer you with a detailed report on the status of your property, providing you with peace of mind and confidence that your property is secure and healthy.

If your home or business has suffered from water damage or your suspect water or mold damage, a professional mold inspection and testing service may be your best option.

More often than not, if you’re calling the services of a professional mold inspection and testing near me company, you know where the issue or problem may be. While not necessary, knowing where to start will help a great deal in narrowing down the actual cause and identifying the repair.

Keep in mind that during a mold inspection and testing service, it’s impossible to determine the species or variety of mold growth affecting any building material or property by visual inspection alone and can only be determined by sampling taken and forwarded to an accredited laboratory for identification.

The mold inspection and testing services of iDry Columbus, do not offer any type of sampling services. Doing so would be a conflict of interest to our client. Our certification and experience provide for a thorough inspection of your property and more often than not the cost of testing exceeds the cost of mold remediation alone.

For quick tips on mold and water damage prevention, visit our water damage prevention page.


Have you noticed any visible mold growth in your home or business, experienced water damage to building materials, been diagnosed with allergies that are worsened within the space, or have a history of previous moisture problems? If so it may be time for an IICRC Mold certified inspection. A professional can provide detailed assessments and determine if action is needed on behalf of keeping occupants safe from potential health risks due to mold exposure. Most inspections come at no cost – though some larger ones might require fees depending upon complexity – but you’ll want to check upfront before proceeding.

Mold inspections are a vital part of assessing mold damage in both residential and commercial properties. Depending on the size of your premises, these can range from one to three hours – potentially more if there’s severe contamination present. We offer an expedited visual inspection as part of our free estimate process; this is usually done within 60 minutes or less so you get results fast! However, receiving results back from a test kit may take several days or weeks depending upon volume – making it even more important that we accurately identify the problem right away.


Can I perform a mold inspection by myself? Home mold testing kits may seem like a simple and cost-effective way to inspect for potential mold, but unfortunately, they often provide inconclusive results. This is due to the contamination of natural airborne particles during the sampling process which ultimately renders them ineffective. To ensure an accurate assessment it’s best practice to leave this inspection up to professional experts who will be able to assess your property thoroughly in order to guarantee safe air quality inside your home or workplace environment.


Would a mold inspection be covered by my insurance? To be sure that a mold inspection is covered by your insurance policy, take the time to review the details or contact your agent. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to handling all types of claims with any kind of insurer for maximum coverage.


Mold inspection and testing is a process of identifying mold growth in a property and testing the type and concentration of mold present. It’s important to ensure the safety of the occupants and prevent property damage.


If you’re concerned about mold in your home or business, iDry Columbus is here to help with the professional mold inspection and testing services in various locations throughout Ohio. Our experienced team understands the dangers of mold growth and the importance of promptly identifying and addressing the problem. Trust us for thorough and reliable mold inspection services to help keep your property safe and healthy.

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