Zimmer, Ohio: The Missing Pieces

Zimmer, Ohio, is a small town with few residents. Many people have passed through Zimmer and never looked back. Zimmer’s population has dwindled to just over 1,000 in recent years due to the closing of factories and other economic factors that led to an exodus of Zimmer citizens. If you’re looking for quiet in Zimmer, OH, then this may be the place for you! More can be found here.

Zimmer is a small city in Ohio that has been struggling economically for many years. Zimmer is located just south of Akron, and its population has declined by more than 20% since the 1970s. Zimmer, OH, was once thriving with residents and businesses, but now it seems to be missing something – people! Visit more about Worthington Ohio: A City Full of History.

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Throughout Zimmer, Ohio’s history, many secrets, and events have only recently come to light. The first significant event in Zimmer’s recent past was when the town fell victim to a drug epidemic during the early 1990s. This began with an influx of heroin into Zimmer from Detroit, which led to many addicts spiraling out of control. The police department attempted to combat this by making three arrests on one day alone, but it became apparent that more human resources would be needed. This problem escalated over time.