Worthington Ohio: A City Full of History

Worthington, Ohio, is a city that has been in existence for over 100 years. It was initially founded as an agricultural community to support the nearby town of Columbus, but it eventually blossomed into its town with residents and businesses of its own. Today, many people know Worthington for being home to Ohio State University’s main campus and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This blog post will go over the history of this beautiful city. Further facts about Columbus, OH can be found here.

Worthington, Ohio, is a city with deep roots in American history. Founded in 1803 by Dr. John Worthington (the town’s namesake), it was initially named “New Philadelphia.” The first settlers arrived in this area from Pennsylvania to establish a new settlement for Quakers seeking religious freedom and land ownership. History buffs will enjoy visiting the site where the original log cabin stood and exploring buildings that date back to before Ohio’s statehood. Information about A Guide to Reynoldsburg, Ohio can be found here.

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Today, this historic town has become home to many families that are now proud residents with close-knit neighborhoods full of friendly people that welcome newcomers into their community. This welcoming atmosphere makes it easy for anyone looking to find a new place to call home or start a business venture within the area code!