Pickerington Water Damage & Mold Remediation

Pickerington Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Live Dispatch Emergency Water Damage Services

With the onset of water damages brought on by supply lines, overflows, sump pump backups, and severe storms and hurricanes; we’ve seen an influx of people simply buying some drying equipment off the shelf at a local do it yourself facility and then advertising themselves as a company offering water damage cleanup and worse yet, deodorization. The difference is the dedication, we’ve continued to refine our water damage services in Pickerington and the restoration of your home or business based on the thousands of claims completed.

As a water damage restoration contractor providing services available on an emergency basis, we dedicated ourselves to being available around the clock and always just around the corner. It’s the moments you need a helping hand that matter. Trust in a certified one.

Emergency water damage cleanup and our mold removal or remediation services serving the Pickerington area are available around the clock and around the state. Our crime scene and trauma services are confidential, understanding of the situation and recommended by local police & fire departments around the state. Rest assured if you need an expert available at 2 am, your call will be answered, and service will be on the way.

We take great pride in the fact that our response and restoration services are ranked and reviewed highly by our clients and relationships built over the years and throughout Pickerington and surrounding areas.

We’ve built on our relationships with insurance carriers, adjusters, and agents throughout the state to ensure that your needs are met and every damage claim is prepared, serviced, and resolved quickly.

We work with every insurance carrier and deductible assistance programs available to Pickerington residents are designed to fit any budget.

Our Proven Methods

iDry Columbus is proud to have technicians that are IICRC Master Certified in water damage restoration, with decades of experience in dealing with water damage cleanup and restoration and any potential repairs that may be needed to affected or damaged property.

We also utilize environmentally sound equipment and innovative restoration procedures that can save furniture, documents, electronics, and other sensitive content, while preventing the growth and spread of mold, mildew, and other harmful organic growths or bacteria.

When you enlist our water damage repair services, you get the following benefits:

24/7 Live Dispatch Emergency Services – Never an answering service.
Dedicated Support – You’ll have all-day access to a live agent who can connect you to the services you need and answer any questions you may have about an ongoing restoration project. No more waiting in line or on hold with an operator who does not understand your situation.
Full Analysis of Water Damage – Including Thermal Imaging / 4D Technology.
In-Depth Moisture Inspection – Both invasive and non-invasive monitoring of the damage to your property, along with state-of-the-art thermal scans and humidity readings.
• Property Assessment – Non-salvageable inventory services available.
o We can determine which materials and items are available for salvage at your site and remove any non-salvageable objects. Aside from this, we also support on-site and off-site storage options for any items that need stored during the restoration process. 99% of the time, restoration can be done with your items left on site.
Water Extraction – Truck mounted PTO units and portable extraction machines are on hand to extract water backup and flooding as quickly and thoroughly as possible from your home or business.
*Our solutions for removing water from your site can save huge amounts of repair and money in flooring replacement alone.
Did you know? Flooring represents that top percentage of costs in homeowner’s insurance claims for water damage.
• Environmental Controls – We use environmentally-friendly products in the process of cleaning up any damage to your property. Pro-Tip: Health concerns top the list in the form of chemical sensitivities are often brought on by the use of dangerous chemicals used in your home by companies that do not practice environmental safety.
Containment -To reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and drying time, we often utilize drying chambers, enclosing the portions or areas of water damage with plastic barriers in effort to control the environment during the drying process. We dry what we need to, not the entire property and unaffected areas.
Technology in Use – We constantly look for newest technology in equipment that has been tested and designed specifically for the water damage industry. Pro-Tip: The new generation of equipment available greatly reduces energy consumption while remaining sustainable and environmentally-friendly.
• Moisture monitoring – With the proper equipment and setup complete, critical monitoring follow ups are scheduled to ensure that the established drying plan is being followed with predetermined goals on path to be met.

Water Damage Restoration in Pickerington

Close to Home with a National Reach

With water damage services available night or day throughout Pickerington, Ohio and surrounding areas, our IICRC certified technicians are on call and standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an immediate dispatch for quick response to any residential or commercial water flood cleanup and restoration.

• Just minutes from expert help

Highly trained and certified in water damage restoration our team of IICRC certified experts work for you not your insurance carrier or third party administrator. Every recommendation given by us is backed by the IICRC-S500, published water damage standards or the IICRC S-520, published mold remediation standards, with the goal of restoring your home or business as it was or better.

Arriving at your doorstep within 90 minutes of your call. Guaranteed. With an average onsite arrival time in Pickerington in less than 60 minutes. We understand the critical nature of your water damage and that time is of the essence in preventing unnecessary or secondary damage as the result of the moisture in your home or business.

As one of the highest rated water damage companies in the state, we work hard to make sure we deserve that rating.

• Have our IICRC certified technicians on your side

Our experienced technicians are highly trained in the use of the latest technology, using industry-approved equipment, with the very latest in water damage repair techniques. Arriving to your Pickerington home or business in fully equipped company vehicles, detailed written restoration estimates are provided the same day, on the same visit!

Once we have your approval, the work begins at restoring your property right away. You won’t wait days or be scheduled for a time yet to be determined.

The restoration begins now. 614-810-0000

• No worries with Dash View®

Any concerns about insurance and the claim paperwork required when filing a claim are a thing of the past.
With coverage verification, our technicians are trained to identify the source and cause of loss, record images, and summary information, as well as document every step for any potential insurance claim you may have.

We’ve worked with every major insurance carrier and agency throughout Pickerington, Ohio with great success. Onsite and real-time imaging of every aspect in relation to the ongoing property damages in your residence or business is included in the restoration service we provide.

Our restoration services have set the bar pretty high. Our reviews speak for themselves. Whether you need to speak to restoration expert in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, you can count on the certified water damage mitigation team at iDry Columbus Services, LLC.

Pickerington Mold Removal

Black Mold Cleanup in Pickerington, Ohio

Mold in your home or business could be a serious threat to the health of your family or employees. If any of your family or team members have had complained or have had health problems such as allergies or headaches, when coming home or into work; it’s likely that mold be the culprit. Many of these exact symptoms are caused by mold spores which can circulate throughout your property through the ventilation systems or be spread about your property by ordinary off the shelf cleaners.

Unattended water leaks and moisture often lead to areas of suspect microbial growth; some of these areas are not noticeable and go overlooked until it becomes an obvious problem for individuals inside the property.

Mold is found everywhere. It’s one of the most abundant elements on earth and can grow on almost any substance where moisture or high humidity is present, including areas where water damage or moisture was left unattended or wasn’t remediated properly.

Much of our background experience comes from performing mold cleanup and removal services in multiple hospitals around the country as well many nursing and care facilities locally, including the personal homes of immune deficient individuals where even a single spore left behind could have severe and detrimental effects on their health.

Mold can grow in or on nearly every area and surface given the right conditions:

• Concrete slab floors or basement crawl spaces installed without a proper vapor barrier.
• Leaks in roofs, leaks in water supply lines, bathrooms, and kitchen plumbing.
• Plywood, drywall, furring strips, carpets, and carpet padding provide dust and cellulose, all of which provide ample food sources for mold.
We’ve taken a common-sense approach. Avoiding the hype created under the term “black mold”. Every single person reacts differently. Your genetics, allergies, and medical background will be different from every other individual you encounter.

Mold Testing

We’ve been in the business of mold removal and remediation for a long time and have seen remediation standards change and differ greatly from one home inspector or industrial hygienist to another. Every single microbial report being completely different than the one prior to it.

Ten years ago, there were so many different variants in testing that many starting being declared inadmissible as evidence in court trails around the country. There were even reports of one family completely burning their home and personal possessions to the ground over bad advice and microbial reports. Pro-Tip: In that particular case, allow me to point out that no one, not a single individual on earth can visually attest to the variant of mold species that may be affecting a property.

In the common-sense approach, if you see mold or what appears to be mold in your property, are you planning to just leave it there upon finding out if it’s “good” or “bad” mold growth or black mold? Not likely.

Outside of potential remediation in hospitals, health-care facilities, or the immune deficient of which in those cases a clear baseline would be appropriate, you are likely going to have the mold removed anyway and your focus should be on the remediation being done properly.

Educate yourself before allowing anyone to educate you on mold removal, identification, or remediation. Mold in your home is generally indicative of a water or moisture issue that must be resolved prior. There are many great resources available to you such as the New York City Guidelines on Mold Remediation and the IICRC S-520, the EPA’s website is another great resource.

If you simply have a question regarding black mold or mold removal, feel free to click chat and speak with one of our representatives who will be happy to assist in any way that we are able. Feel free to email your questions to support@idrycolumbus.com

Experience, education, and certification. Look for all three.

iDry Columbus Services, LLC is proud to be among the few restoration contractors that have the IICRC Master Certification in water damage along with the designation of IICRC AMRT (Advanced Microbial Remediation Technician) certification. Those bearing this certification have taken the time to establish the necessary skill and background information required in assessing or remediating your Pickerington home or business properly.

One of our trained and IICRC Master certified crew members will assess the situation, discover the source and inspect and potential areas where mold may exist so it can be property estimated, properly setup for success, and properly remediated.

Mold removal, mold inspection and mold remediation services are available for residential, commercial, government, and healthcare throughout Pickerington, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Pickerington Services for Biohazard, Crime Scene and Death

24/7 Cleanup & Disinfection

Fact: Ohio does not have a standard, license, or certification for crime & trauma scene cleaning. It’s frightening, in the fact that anyone can offer this as service.

Common knowledge among the industry and outside of it, is that in providing the services of crime scene cleanup or trauma where we are not only the phone call that no one wants to make, we are also at times, touching the lives of loved ones at an extremely emotional point in their lives.

It’s critical that in providing crime scene or trauma services, every interaction should be handled in the utmost sensitive and professional manner, be confidential, and performed with expertise so that the family and friends involved can carry on with one less detail to worry about.

iDry Columbus works with families in Pickerington and in every community near and around central Ohio to provide biohazard, crime scene, and death and trauma cleanup services caused by a variety of circumstances, including:

• Sudden Death or Accidental Death.
• Crime Scene Cleanup.
• Blood and/or Bodily Fluids.
• Sewage Backup including Bacteria Disinfection.
• Animal Infestation / Animal Waste and Death.
• Cross-Contamination / Bacterial infection.
• Meth Lab / Drug Lab Remediation.

As a licensed and experienced crime scene cleanup contractor, we encounter a wide range of tragic circumstances and accidents.
We look to provide families with not just the expertise, knowledge and equipment to clean up the scene, but an empathic ear of support and reassurance in knowing that the property will be properly cleaned and disinfected.

We recognize that this may be a confusing and traumatic time in your life and our services are provided in a manner that takes as much off your hands as possible.

We will be there for you before, during, and after and can be as helpful as need be or as distant and discrete as you prefer. Our only goal is to help families and loved ones recover by relieving them of the burden of cleanup and return to them a home or business that is completely clean and disinfected.

Drug Lab Cleanup

As a state licensed contractor for meth and drug lab cleanup, our goal is protecting your safety and health by assuring that your residence or any property used in the course of illegal drug activity is properly evaluated, estimated in Xactimate, disinfected, and clearance tested prior to re-occupancy.

Meth and drug lab cleanup can be a challenge and should only be handled by a professional company using recognized industry standards and approved by licensing parties.

Every technician involved in biohazard, crime scene, or trauma situations undergo extensive training sessions and continuing education to ensure that they properly handle each and every decontamination case.

Knowing the importance of education and the critical nature of performing this service, we reached out to neighboring states to obtain license and state certification. In doing so, we gained firsthand the guidelines and standards set forth as expectations to be achieved or surpassed with every client and project.

iDry Columbus Services, LLC is certified in crime scene and trauma cleanup as well as licensed by the nearest state offering such as license/training/certification for drug lab remediation.

• Recognized as a leader in crime scene cleanup and highly recommended by Police, Fire, and Narcotics officers throughout Pickerington and the Ohio region.
• Recommended by funeral home and directors across the city and around the state.
• Able to work confidentially and in unmarked company vehicles.
• Liaison for every national or local insurance carrier with direct invoicing to the carrier and adjuster. * Crime Scene and trauma projects are confidential. As such, access to Dash View Live is limited and only available upon the approval of our client.
• Full services available – From start to finish as a Columbus licensed home improvement contractor and general contractor.
• Written and highly detailed estimates provided upfront, before work begins with no hidden or surprise charges.
• Available 24/7 as an emergency response with crews always on standby.

Professional, discrete services provided as both an emergency service and a scheduled appointment with clear line item estimates presented before work commences.

If you come upon a lab or discover any chemicals that were improperly disposed of, do not touch anything! Do not attempt to clean or discard any materials that you suspect to have been used in the making of any drug. Call your local police or fire department.

Water Damage Cleanup

Innovative Systems:

  • Industry Leading Software
  • Client Satisfaction Guarantee
  • On-Time Guarantee
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Mold Removal & Remediation

Common Sense Approach:

  • Xactimate Line Item Estimates
  • No Scare Tactics (Black Mold)
  • Highest Level of IICRC Certification Available

Biohazard, Crime Scene and Death

Our Family in Support of Yours:

  • State Licensed
  • Nationally Accepted Line Item
  • Will Work with Your Insurance Company


Our experts can be on the way within the hour: 614-810-0000