Best things to do in Columbus

Columbus is a magnificent town that has many things to do. For example, the Ohio state university or the arena district are filled with bars perfect for a night in the city. You can spend hours in a German village enjoying some bratwurst and lazing in its parks. Learn information about Columbus, OH.

German village

This village obtained its name from the German immigrants who settled in this place in the early 19C. Most of the neighborhood has retained its German roots, as evident in the cuisine and architecture found in this place. Head to Schmidt’s Restaurant and Sausage Haus for the best sausages, cream puffs and schnitzel. Discover facts about Things to do in Columbus.

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The Scioto Mile

After many years of environmental and organizational rehabilitation, the Scioto Mile started operating in 2015. Miles of trails in the Scioto River offers a perfect path for strolling, biking, and jogging. The place features a fountain and water spouts found in the bicentennial park that is ideal for kids.