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As a water damage restoration contractor, we work hard to be available for response to your emergency. As a responsibility, we take great pride in protecting your home or business, it’s contents and personal property as well as our work to quickly restore your property to a pre-loss condition, if not better.

In insurance claims, having the free ability to choose the water damage restoration company is yours and it’s the law. At no time can an insurance carrier force or make a singular recommendation of a “preferred vendor” – In warning, there is always a trade off in becoming a “preferred vendor”.

If you have water damage due to a plumbing system, sump pump failure, flooded basement or roof leak we can help.  Water damage often happens suddenly and can quickly cause additional damage, including mold to the building materials in your home or business. Saturation often occurs faster than one might expect therefore it’s important to call a water damage restoration company right away.  Depending on how long the water was sitting and absorbing moisture can spread throughout underlayment, carpet padding and drywall and cause damage to adjoining rooms or areas as well.

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Onsite Inspections / Estimates are always provided free of charge and at no obligation.

In estimating, it’s often difficult to predict the scope or size of a property loss without performing an onsite inspection. During that initial inspection, our teams are trained and experienced in using moisture meters to document the current moisture content of effected building materials including thermal imaging to identify all areas of moisture and hidden pockets of water damage.

Pro-tip: The primary goal of any inspection must be to identify all effected materials. Failure to do so can and will lead to secondary damages up to and including mold growth.

Regardless of who which water damage restoration company you select, make sure they use the proper tools for your project. Not including the tools already mentioned, there is we use specialized equipment to get the water out of your home or business.

Truck mounted powerful vacuums can be used to suck the water up and out of the carpet and padding, pumps can be used to pump out standing water and drain basements and low amp – high CFM air movers can be used to dry any remaining moisture.

The key to water damage is to get the water out as quickly as possible to ensure that it doesn’t have time to cause more harm to the structure. Our team of experts have the knowledge, experience and the tools of the trade in performing the project correctly. That’s Guaranteed.

From Leaking Pipes, Overflowing Toilets to Sudden Storms and Flooding

In being part of the restoration industry for more than 20 years as a water damage restoration provider, our company understands that water damage isn’t always sudden, and it’s not always known until serious signs of damage such as mold and rot or personal property loss occurs.

In addition to potential damage and loss of property there are numerous health risks to you, your family or employees that continue to increase the longer moisture is left in your home or business. Toxic mold can grow in hidden areas like between the walls and go unnoticed for years.

There are few, if any areas of your residence that these spores can’t thrive. Given the prime conditions, molds can form in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a loss. Often, mold remediation is not covered under a home or business owners insurance policy so it’s important to contact a water damage mitigation contractor right away.

The materials used in building your home or business are becoming more and more susceptible to damage caused by water or excess moistures, even high relative humidity can take a serious and very damaging toll inside the structure.

Carpets will delaminate, drywall will absorb moisture rapidly, insulation inside your walls and ceilings will compact and become useless in insulating your residence. The baseboards, casing and trim throughout many homes today are made of cardboard and will become permanently distorted, in addition to becoming the perfect breeding grounds for mold.

Standards – An IICRC Guideline to Water Damage

The IICRC recognizes 3 categories of water damage classified under:

Category 1-This is the least harmful to your health.  At this level, it is usually clean water, such as a water line break that is flooding the home or basement that has not came into contact with other building materials or contaminants.

Examples include fresh water supply lines, sink overflows, and toilet overflows from the tank. This kind of damage is simple to clean up and get repaired quickly.

Category 2-At this level grey water has been put into the mix.  Things like a drain to the shower have been leaking or backed up sump pump that can let water back in.  This water can contain microorganisms that can make you sick if not dealt with properly.

Backed up dishwasher and drains have food particles that these organisms feed on.  Wearing gloves is definitely a good idea.

Category 3-This category poses the most serious health threat and should only be treated by a water damage restoration contractor.  This water contains sewage and can be a backed up septic tank or toilet.  It could also be due to stagnant surface water from nearby.

This water could contain life-threatening fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes and have the greatest damaging effects in your home or business. Often, all materials will need to be removed, with the area cleaned and sanitized prior to rebuilding.

Due to the possible health risks this water should not for any reason be handled by the average homeowner.  A professional restoration company should tend to this matter.

The Restoration of Your Home or Business

It’s important to remember that upon discovering any type of water damage, your first call should be to a qualified water restoration contractor.

Time is of the essence.

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This means to keep your eyes and ears open, leaks in the roof often don’t show to the ceiling until a long period of time has gone by.  By that point, the water damage is extensive as it has now leaked through the roof, insulation, and ceiling.  That drip could be going on for years, and if heard, could be repaired rather quickly.

When you call let the water damage restoration contractor know the issues and where you think the water is coming from.  This will help them be prepared for what is at hand.

Water Restoration Contractor – Facing the Water Damage

Among many other causes, roof damage is very common in Columbus, Ohio due to storms and snow.  Keeping your roof inspected and under proper maintenance is critical in helping prevent water damage from occurring.  Roof damage can be small as well, things like hail or even a missing shingle can allow the water in.  Water will slowly creep under other shingles.  It will seep into the underlayer of the roof and spread.  This is when a small problem becomes a huge issue in only a matter of time.

Finding the issue when it’s just a small problem can save thousands of dollars in damage repair, prevent secondary damage and go a long way in keeping the value of your property as it should be.

Untreated damages and water issues can lead to elevated expenses and repair costs down the road.  There can be unforeseen health risks due to it getting into the structure further than the untrained eye would know.  Mold, mildew, and rot are all very common.

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restoration contractor cleaning water damageWhat to Expect From a Water Damage Restoration Process

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you made years of memories with your family. It’s where you changed jobs, where your kids took their first steps, where they got into college, where you celebrated years of holidays.

So when a storm comes knocking, the last thing you want to think about is water damage–especially when that damage is so expensive to repair.

But if you want your home to stay your sanctuary, you need the right water damage restoration company. Here, we’re walking you through each stage of the restoration process, from the first look to the last nail.


The first step in any water damage restoration is to determine the extent of the damage. This means an inspection is in order.

A certified technician will go through your home to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate action needed to reverse the damage. In order to do this, they’ll use special tools and instruments to determine the moisture level in your home.

They’ll pay particular attention to areas like baseboards, ceilings, and floorboards in damaged rooms to get an accurate reading. The goal is to determine how deep the water damage is so that you don’t have a festering problem later.

In the meantime, they’ll take steps to prevent worsening damage while they get the right equipment. For example, if the inspection shows that drying equipment is needed, the technician will place dehumidifiers in your home while they wait for approval from your insurance company.

Removal of Standing Water

From there, your technician will work on removing the standing water in your home. This is a high-priority task to contain the damage.

All wet items in damaged rooms have to be removed, including:

  • Throw rugs
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Toys

Once standing water is extracted, your technician will focus on deeper drying. This typically involves removing any wet surfaces on the floor, walls, or ceiling to expedite the drying. This includes anything from carpeting to baseboards to drywall to insulation.

If you have cabinets in the damaged area, drawers and doors are opened and toe kicks are removed to help drying. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to completely gut and replace your cabinets.

Remember: the goal is to get as much excess water out of the room as possible. If that water sits, it’s hard for the technician to mitigate the damage.

Stabilizing and Drying

Next comes the stabilizing and drying process.

If the goal of removal is to get rid of excess water, the goal of stabilizing and drying is to remove moisture on a deeper level.

During this process, your technician will use various pieces of equipment to dry out the room, including:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Wood floor drying systems
  • Air movers
  • Heaters

This stage will take longer than the others, about two to four days. This is because the technician has to remove all excess moisture before repairs can begin in earnest.

They’ll closely monitor the room each day to make sure moisture control is in hand (so you don’t develop mold).


Once the damaged rooms have been restored to a standard level of dryness, you can begin the reconstruction process.

This is when you can begin any structural repairs that need to be made. You can start replacing floorboards, drywall, baseboards, gutted cabinets, and other features of the room while technicians continue to dry other areas.

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